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Visiting Seoul Para Sports Projects

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Visiting Para Sports Services

Visiting Para Sports Services

Provides sports counseling for people with disabilities and exercise programs and guidance tailored
to each person's disability type and level

Main Services

  • Providing information on sports programs for people with disabilities
  • On-site guidance and training for everyday lifetime para sports
  • Information on other sports facilities, venues, sports events, and more
  • Physical fitness assessment and exercise plans for improving fitness and health

Contact Information

Online counseling
Daily Sports Information Center
Provides consultation to organizations that have visited or requested visits to increase sports community numbers, and investigate related nearby facilities

One-stop service system

  1. Phone consulation
  2. face-to-face
  3. Exercise Planning
  4. On-site guidance

Para Sports Equipment Rental

Free sporting equipment rental service to improve accessibility to para sports activities

Individuals and groups with disabilities residing in Seou
Rental equipment
Para sports equipment, such as wheelchairs and ski equipment
Rental Period
Maximum of 1 year at a time
Rental Process
  1. 1. Para Sports Information Center membership registration and rental application
  2. 2. Notifies dates of visit to the Seoul Para Sports Association
  3. 3. Show your ID whenever you wish to visit or rent equipmen

Supplying Para Sports Instructors

Para sports instructors supplied by the Para Sports Association for Local Districts of Seoul

Placement Period

First half placement
Second half placement
Aug. ~ Dec.(Application period: July)

Placement Criteria

  • 40 - 90 minutes per session
  • Proper place and number of participants
  • Groups of 5 or more participants, except managers,
    staff members, and volunteers

Placement Procedure

  1. Website
  2. Document
  3. On-site
  4. Placement
  5. On-site