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Elite Sports

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Elite Sports

Taking a giant step forward through sports
Creating new possibilities via sports

The Seoul Para Sports Association operates a variety of projects to develop Elite sports by conducting various exercises for improving the performance of athletes with disabilities, training and supplying coaches, and fostering collaboration with affiliated organizations.


  • Training athletes with disabilities and helping to improve their performance
  • Building a support system for elite sports and improving the training environment


Participating in National Summer and Winter Para Games
Supporting Seoul City athlete training for the National Para Games
Participating in National Youth Para Games
Participation in the training support and guidance of the Seoul Metropolitan Government Disabled Student Team in the National Youth Para Games
Providing support for athletes with disabilities to improve their performance
Recognized Affiliated training support for athletes of Seoul City teams
Providing assistance for outstanding athletes with disabilities
Providing a training subsidy for outstanding athletes and various Seoul City teams
Granting support for participation in the National Deaf Sports Festival
Providing support for deaf athlete team of Seoul City
Hosting Mayor’s Cup Tournament
Providing aid for hosting the Seoul Mayor’s Cup Tournament for affiliated organizations in Seoul
Paraclimbing Competition of Seoul City
Contributing support for hosting the Hill Climbing Competition, in which disabled athletes climb uphill in hand-operated cycles
Operating full-time coaches
Operating full-time coaches to improve team performance and discover new athletes for Seoul City teams
Supporting the foundation of para sports teams for private companies
Consultation, management, and operation assistance for the foundation of para sports teams for private and public companies
Supporting affiliated organizations
Supporting sports organizations by event and disability type as a basis of para sports development