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Lifetime Sports

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Lifetime Sports

Sports for all Healthy daily life

The Seoul Para Sports Association supports various sports programs specialized for each type of disability and athletic level so that more people with disabilities can engage in sports activities in their daily lives.


  • Creating an environment for people with disabilities to participate in sports activities and supporting related programs
  • Improving the health of people with disabilities and their quality of life through participation in Lifetime Sports


Supporting daily sports classes and clubs
lifetime sports and beginner classes by disability type and lifestyle, and subsidizing club activities
Public Para Sports Club
Supporting customized para sports programs with public sports clubs and facilities
Operating summer and winter camps for people with disabilities
Operating seasonal sports classes and leisure sports programs by disability type
Operating integrated physical education classes
Supporting integrated physical education classes for both students with and without disabilities
Supporting exercise classes for people with severe disabilities
Supporting the operation of customized Lifetime Sports programs for people with acute disabilities
Participating in the National Inclusive Sports Festival
Leading both able-bodied individuals and those with disabilities in the National Inclusive Sports Festival
Operating a disability awareness project
Operating para sports classes for teens, college students, and office workers
Operating a talent sharing project for the underprivileged
Supporting a sports talent sharing program in collaboration with local communities (colleges, district associations)
Hosting local club tournaments
Supporting the Lifetime Sports Club Tournament for local districts, affiliated organizations, and organizations for people with disabilities
Hosting Inclusive Sports Festival
Supporting the Inclusive Sports Festival for local districts, affiliated organizations, and organizations for people with disabilities
Hosting the Seoul Lifetime Para Sports Festival
Lifetime Sports Festival of 25 local districts of Seoul Metropolitan City
Hosting Han River Para Swimming Competitions
Operating Han River Swimming Competitions for both people with and without disabilities
Seoullim Para Sports Festival
Supporting integrated sports clubs for students with and without disabilities and hosting the Seoullim Sports Festival
Supplying para sports instructors
Providing exercise program information and guidance by type and level of disability