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Oh Se-Hoon

A sports city where people with disabilities are happy ‘Seoul’

Hello. My name is Oh Se-hoon, and I’m the president of Seoul Para Sports Association.
Our mission is to develop everyday para sports and promote the health of people with disabilities.
To that end, for the past 16 years we have been striving to improve the quality of life for those with disabilities by actively encouraging them to participate in physical activity and sports.

We provide customized sports programs specialized for each type of disability and lifestyle,
along with summer and winter camps for people with disabilities to enjoy seasonal sports.
Also, we operate integrated physical education classes for both students with and without
disabilities, to increase their access to para sports.

In addition, we are working tirelessly to support para sports athletes and improve their training environment
so that they can achieve their best in domestic and international competitions.
We assist para sports athletes, boosting their confidence, and helping to create jobs through
the Para Sports Team Foundation Support Project for Private Companies.

Sports is the most essential and fundamental right that all citizens should enjoy for a healthy and happy life.

The City of Seoul believes that a city that makes individuals with disabilities happy is a truly advanced place to live.
Therefore, we will step up our efforts to become a city that leaves no one behind, for those with disabilities to actively engage in sports activities. I sincerely appreciate your interest and participation.
Thank you.

Mayor of Seoul
President of the Seoul Para Sports Association

Oh Se-hoon