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Thank you for visiting the webpage of Seoul Sports Association for the Differently-abled

Oh Se-Hoon

Seoul sports Association for the Differently-abled has been making continuous efforts to improve the quality of life of the disabled through sports activities while making great advances in activating sports for all and finding and fostering talented athletes and instructors to improve health and leisure life of the disabled.

I believe we could achieve great outcomes because of efforts and sacrifice of the people working for development of disabled sports.
I would like to thank many people as a person who has wishes and hopes for development of disabled sports in Seoul.

Happy city needs to support the happiness of the disabled.
I will do my best for development of Seoul sports association of the disabled with sense of gratitude to everybody.

So feel free to provide us productive feedbacks through our webpage while having continuous support for sports of the disabled.

I hope health and happiness will always be with your family.
Thank you.

President of Seoul sports Association for the Differently-abled